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"I call this taxi service whenever I don't feel like driving. It comes in handy when I'm going to the airport or when I need to be picked up from it. Highly recommended..." - Source

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"Got a ride to Newark Airport. Was a relaxing ride and got there on-time. I'll be using this Trenton taxi service again." - Source

"Great service and great rates. Gets me where I want to go safe and fast. Always there when you need it." - Source

From Yelp.com...

"I'm proud to be the first person to review this company.

I rarely have the need of a taxi; however I needed to drop my car at Lalor Shell (another GREAT establishment -- check my review) and get a ride home, 10 miles away. First of all, for anyone afraid to take a cab -- don't be with Trenton Star. They are 100% above board, have a great website, and you can make a reservation right online.

The gentleman who picked up (I am not sure if he is the only employee/owner or not) was prompt, courteous and most of all the car was immaculate. He was polite and not overly chatty; the meter was accurate (their website tells you EXACTLY what you will be charged so you can see that the meter is correct). he followed MY directions (there are several ways he could've gotten to my address).

All in all, a wonderful experience. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL HIM...and I sure wish i had gotten his name." - Source

"Ordered a cab for pickup at Trenton airport, to Princeton. The cab showed up on time, and the driver was polite and professional. The car was a bit old, but that is what you'd expect. Good service." - Source

From NJ.com...

Hopewell Hospital Ride - "My mom was in Hopewell Hospital and needed a ride home at 4:30 a.m. I called Trenton Star Cab, and he showed up in 10 minutes. The driver was friendly, reliable, and helpful. The next time I need a taxi ride, I'll be calling Trenton Star Cab again." - Source

Best cab in the city - "I had a flight morning 6am. i needed to be there 5:30 am. I was given reservations for 4 am. The driver came infront my house exectly 10 min early.Im glad to get this service from this company. I'll never call any other cab whenever I need to except TRENTON STAR CAB." - Source

Best cab service ever - "Best cab service ever experienced. Driver went out of his way to satisfy us. We plan on using this cab long-term." - Source

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"I got wasted at an event in Newark, and Trenton Star Cab got me home safely for a nice low price." - Source